New Fuel Poverty Targets

On the 22nd July, the Government announced that they will be setting legally binding targets which could help the poorest householders in the country save around £1 Billion a year on their fuel bills.

The new targets state that all households that are considered to be ‘fuel poor’ will be brought to the minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) band C by 2030. Interim targets will also be introduced to achieve EPC band E by 2020 and D by 2025.

Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary said:

“These proposals mark a radical shift away from old policies of tinkering at the edges without tackling the root causes of fuel poverty – homes that need too much energy and leak too much heat to be able to keep warm.

We’ll target the worst properties first, where people in the most extreme cases face paying over £1,500 more than they need to. We’ll work with partners - including GPs and others working in healthcare – to make sure the right help gets to those who need it the most.”

According to the latest statistics, only 5% of England’s 2.3 million fuel poor homes reach EPC Band C. The Government hope that by driving energy efficiency measures, the most vulnerable residents will benefit.  

The news was welcomed by National Energy Action (EPC), a proactive charity that campaigns to fight fuel poverty in the UK. However, Jenny Saunders, the Chief Executive of NEA feels that more action should be taken sooner. She explained:

"Whilst we applaud the Government’s commitment to address the least energy efficient properties by 2020, there is a significant risk that over a million fuel poor households will continue to live in hard to heat homes by 2025 and the £1billion savings on bills will not be achieved. This could leave the poorest households continuing to ration their heating over the next ten years and spending far more of their limited budgets on energy than is necessary.

A transformative programme of housing improvements is needed to get the job done far quicker and a commitment to additional and adequate resources to guarantee we do not leave the majority of the fuel poor households still living in expensive-to-heat homes, over the next five to ten years.

Without this, we will need to enhance income supplements such as Winter Fuel Payments, rebates through the Warm Home Discount scheme, hardship funds and energy company debt write off schemes."

If you represent a Housing Association, Local Authority or Community Group and would like to implement a project that tackles fuel poverty in your area, get in touch with Yorkshire Energy Services today. As a community interest company we specialise in helping the most vulnerable residents save energy and money.

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